VBS PRO Frequently Asked Questions

What is VBS PRO?

VBS PRO is an online children’s event registration and management system. With VBS PRO you can easily create a registration website for your event, record and manage participant registrations, track event statistics and assign participants to crews or groups. You can also promote volunteer opportunities for your event and manage volunteers by assigning them to the jobs available for your event.


How much does VBS PRO cost?

The basic version is free and has all the features you need to create and host an event registration site online and manage a children’s event. You can choose to upgrade to VBS PRO for an annual cost of $34.99.


What added features do I get with VBS PRO Premium?

When you upgrade to the Premium version of VBS PRO you'll get access to the following features:

  • Multi-events: Create and host multiple events at one time including the ability to host simultaneous events.
  • Event Saving: Maintain access to all your past events. All the setup and registration data for past events will be just a click away.
  • Event Copying: Save valuable setup time when creating new events. Just click "copy" to replicate the configuration of any past event.
  • Auto Build Crews: This powerful feature lets you automatically assign kids to crews based on grade or mixed grade. It even creates crews on the fly saving you valuable time. Crew assignment has never been easier!
  • Custom Registration Fields: Add up to 10 additional questions to the registration form for participants or volunteers registering for your event.
  • Custom Website Pages: Add up to 3 additional pages to your public event website.


Is the upgrade to VBS PRO Premium a subscription?

The VBS PRO Premium upgrade is an annual purchase. For only $34.99 you will have access to all the Premium features for one year from the time you apply the upgrade code.


How can I order VBS PRO Premium?


Is VBS PRO only for Vacation Bible School events?

No. VBS PRO can be used for any children’s event that requires advance registration.


How is VBS PRO better than just recording registrations in a spreadsheet or online document?

  1. 1) VBS PRO gives you a professional registration website that makes your church look good
  2. 2) Your VBS PRO registration website is designed to work with mobile devices so busy parents can register their kids from anywhere at any time
  3. 3) Because it’s online, you (or a volunteer) aren’t required to take a phone call and record the data
  4. 4) VBS PRO gives you the ability to easily manage and manipulate registration data
  5. 5) VBS PRO gives you real-time stats on current volunteer and participant registrations at a glance
  6. 6) With VBS PRO your staff can access the system and you can divide the workload
  7. 7) VBS PRO sends automatic e-mail confirmations to parents giving them the assurance that their kids are signed up
  8. 8) VBS PRO makes assigning kids and leaders to crews or groups as easy as drag-n-drop (reassigning is that easy too)
  9. 9) VBS PRO is free and that's a really good price


How many events can I host in VBS PRO?

In the basic (free) version, you can host one event at a time. In order to host a new event, you will need to delete an existing event. With VBS PRO Premium, you can host as many events as you like and you can keep the data from past events. The premium version also lets you copy past events to quickly create and configure new events. VBS PRO Premium also includes additional features to make managing your event even easier.


Can I collect payments or accept donations for my event in VBS PRO?

You can have a payment link and a donation link in VBS PRO to link users to your own payment system. VBS PRO does not currently have a payment system built in.


Do my participants get any kind of confirmation when they register?

Yes. The VBS PRO system will automatically send a registration confirmation to the parent (if they provide a valid e-mail) when their registration is complete. The confirmation includes basic event information along with a summary of who was registered and the parent associated with that child. In addition, you can add some custom information to the e-mail confirmation. This is especially handy when you want to include specific event instructions or other information.


Can I use VBS PRO as an e-mail system for my event?

VBS PRO has some e-mail functionality built in but it is not designed for you to do custom mass e-mails. However, there is an export system built into VBS PRO so you can easily export participants e-mail addresses into your own e-mail system.


Do I have to know anything about designing web pages to create my web site?

You don’t really need to know any more than how to click or type. You’ll choose a template when you create your event website. The templates include graphics related to the theme you choose. You can also upload your own event graphic or photo. Beyond that, you simply type in the information you want to appear on your “Learn More” event details page. If you do know how to use HTML, there’s a source editor to allow you to access and edit the page source. If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry about it. You can just type and it will turn out fine.


Can I add my own custom web pages to the registration site?

With the basic version of VBS PRO you have one web page that’s completely in your control, the “Learn More” page. You can easily add detailed event information and web links. If you know a little bit about HTML and you can even embed videos from outside sources like YouTube. With the upgrade to VBS PRO Premium you can also have access to three additional web pages for even more event information.


What kind of information is collected when someone registers for my event?

The basic version of VBS PRO has a wide variety of information fields you can include on your registration form. You have the ability to decide which of these fields are included on your registration and you can also determine which fields are required to be completed. With the Premium version of VBS PRO, you can also add up to 10 custom fields that you design.


What if I want participants to sign a release form or other paperwork?

VBS PRO has a documents system built in. You can upload documents to your event and those documents are available on your event website for participants or volunteers to download. A great use case is one where you want parents to sign a release form in order for their kids to attend your event. With VBS PRO, you can upload a digital copy of that release form to your event website. You can add the release form instruction to your confirmation e-mail and you can also add the instructions to your event website. If you have your own e-mail system, you can create a special e-mail address for parents to send the completed form to. You can also use VBS PRO Premium to add a special field to record if the release form has been received or not.



Can I give my staff access to my VBS PRO account to help manage my event?

Yes. VBS PRO has a feature included that lets you invite your staff by e-mail to join your event as a user. This will send them a link by e-mail. They can use that link to setup their own admin account on your VBS PRO account. They will have full administrative rights to the event. The only thing they will not be able to do is delete your account.


How long will my events be saved in VBS PRO?

Your most recent event is saved in VBS PRO as long as your account exists or until you delete the event. For the basic (free) version of VBS PRO you can have one event in the system at a time. In order to create a new event, you must first delete the old one.

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