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Editorial Team Contact Information 

Christine Yount Jones

Christine has more than 26 years of children’s ministry experience. She is the Executive Editor of Children’s Ministry Magazine, has authored many books and articles on children’s ministry, and serves as co-director of the KidMin Conference. She’s responsible for development and innovation of new resources. e-mail Chris

Jennifer Hooks

Jennifer Hooks is managing editor for Children’s Ministry Magazine and a contributing author to Sunday School That Works (Group). She’s authored or contributed to numerous articles, books, and resources and currently serves in children’s ministry. e-mail Jennifer

Send us your ideas!

Children’s Ministry Magazine and Childrensministry.com are the finest resources for children’s ministers because the hundreds of ideas come from people just like you! If you have a great idea that would encourage and equip other children’s ministers, please send it to us. We’ll even pay you if we’re able to use it. (We call it the get-rich-slow plan!)

We hope you enjoy the tons of information we provide on this site. Let us know what we’re doing right, and what we’re missing. We’re always adding content to make Childrensministry.com the premier Web site for people who love children as much as we do!

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