What Are The Doctrinal Beliefs Behind FaithWeaver Friends®?

FaithWeaver Friends serves a wide variety of churches and concentrates on the essentials of the Christian faith. The following is Group’s concise doctrinal statement:

We believe the Bible is the inspired, authoritative Word of God. We believe there is one God, eternally existent in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We believe in the deity of Jesus Christ, in his virgin birth, in his sinless life, in his death on the cross, in his bodily resurrection, in his ascension to the right hand of the Father, and in his personal return. We believe people receive forgiveness of sins and eternal life through Jesus.

What Ministry Philosophy Is Behind FaithWeaver Friends?

Our goal in the development of FaithWeaver Friends is to see changed lives as we help people know, love, and follow Jesus. We do that by concentrating on the essentials of the Christian faith and helping people understand and apply the Bible’s principles. When we cover elements of the faith on which people disagree, we give the teacher the opportunity to present your church’s position.

What Educational Principles Are Behind The Development Of FaithWeaver Friends?

Teaching the Bible doesn’t mean much if it isn’t making an impact in people’s lives. So we’ve done years of research to determine what makes effective learning take place. We’ve discovered that when people are physically and emotionally involved in the learning process, they learn and retain more.

We’ve also discovered that Jesus used those same principles as he involved his disciples in learning experiences and interactive discussions. And he also used teaching methods that people with different learning styles could relate to. So we developed FaithWeaver Friends around those principles.

How Do I Get The Free Digital Content?

When you purchase a FaithWeaver Friends Kit, you'll find a unique Activation Code inside the top flap of the kit box. Just set up a free online account in the Digital Download Center and enter the activation code to download PDF copies of your teacher guides and Discovery Center leader guides.

Your Group Digital account will also give you access to free weekly FamilyConnect pages (simple discussion-starters for families to use throughout the week).

Is There A Take-Home Paper?

FaithWeaver Friends provides a journal for each child with open-ended questions that encourage them to take time to pause, reflect, and write down or draw what God is teaching them. The Preschool journal is called My Bible Memories Book. The Elementary Journal is My Faith Journal. Friends take their finished journals home at the end of each quarter. And each week, a Daily Challenge® reminder goes home to put their faith into practice.

And since FaithWeaver Friends is part of the FaithWeaver family of products, you can download free FamilyConnect pages (family discussion starters based on the weekly Bible passage) from Group's Digital Download Center to share with parents.

What Bible Translation Is Used In FaithWeaver Friends?

Lesson materials reference the New Living Translation of the Bible. The NLT was developed to be easy for children to read and understand, while still remaining faithful to the meanings of words and phrases presented in the original texts. For more info, see newlivingtranslation.com/05discoverthenlt/nltintro.asp.

How Many Lessons Are Included In Each Quarter?

Each quarter includes 13 lessons. Download our scope and sequence pdf to view the leasson titles included in each quarter.

Does FaithWeaver Friends Include Any Music Or Video Media?

Your FaithWeaver Friends Preschool kit includes a Preschool Sound Effects & Songs CD with attention-keeping sounds and songs that enhance each week's Bible lesson.
Your FaithWeaver Friends Elementary kit includes an Elementary Drama, Sound Effects & Songs CD with sing-along music and special drama effects for a quarter's worth of sessions, including each week's Instant Bible Drama.

What Is FaithWeaver NOW®?

FaithWeaver NOW is the Sunday school curriculum where all ages explore the same Scripture passage at the same time through age-appropriate learning experiences. When families have common ground, it's easier to continue having faith conversations throughout the week. Check out FaithWeaver NOW on group.com to learn more.

What Is KidsOwn Worship®?

KidsOwn Worship is a Children’s Church program (sold separately) that can be used together with FaithWeaver or by itself as a 2nd hour, evening, or midweek church service for kids. The same Bible passage is used in both programs each week, but lesson content is not duplicated so kids can dig deeper and more fully experience God’s Word in new and exciting ways. Check out KidsOwn Worship on group.com to learn more.

I Have Other Questions About FaithWeaver Friends. Where Can I Find Answers

For more detailed information about the program, check out our FaithWeaver Friends Director Manual or call one of our helpful curriculum coaches at 800-447-1070.

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