Graphics and Other Goodies

Below you’ll find all the graphics and recipes you’ll need for your Contagious Christmas event. If you have any trouble downloading these resources, please contact Product Support by calling 800-975-4006 or emailing productsupport@group.com.

8.5”x11” PDF file
2 invitations per page


8.5”x11” PDF file
Single flyer per page

8.5”x11” PDF file
8 name tags per page

8.5”x11” PDF file
3 designs, 4 of each
gift tag per page

8.5”x11” PDF file
4 different recipes,
2 recipes to a page


BONUS: Christmas stocking poem for sharing your contagious Christmas joy!
Click here for your copy.

Important notes about these files:

You will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to open these files. To download Adobe’s free Acrobat Reader or to update your version of the Reader, go to www.adobe.com; under "Download," select "Adobe Reader" and follow the instructions.

The forms have been made into interactive PDFs whenever appropriate. An interactive PDF allows you to fill in the blanks (type your text into the editable fields) and print the form. You can also save the edited PDF to your computer. (The "sticky note" box on the PDF file will not print when you print your form.)


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