Group Women’s Retreat Kit FAQs


How do retreat kits work?

A Group women’s retreat kit has everything you need to plan and host your own retreat anytime, anywhere. The most loved part about these retreat kits is that you don't need a retreat speaker. You and other women in your church can use your gifts to help lead the retreat.

Inside the retreat kit you'll find the materials to plan and host your retreat. These include: a director guide, leader guides for each session, a worship leader guide, and a media pack which contains a training and promotional DVD, a CD packed with graphic resources and reproducible printouts needed for certain sessions, and a music CD to lead worship. The kit also includes one of each of the participant resources so that you can see what they are and how your guests will use them as you plan the retreat.

The director guide is your go-to-guide for planning. It contains sample schedules for a single day retreat, an overnight retreat, and a weekend retreat. (This retreat is flexible!) The director guide also has job descriptions to help with volunteer recruiting, supply lists, promotional ideas, and many more helpful details designed to make your job easy. The DVD and graphics CD make promoting your retreat a breeze with commercials, designed promotional materials such as bulletin inserts and flyers, plus an array of beautiful graphics if you prefer to design your own flyers.

You can depend on all the session leader guides to make leading each session of the retreat extremely easy. The sessions incorporate worship, Bible study, service, and personal time with God. Each guide contains a supply list and a very detailed script. If you have women who are comfortable talking to a group, they can lead a session.

The participant guide contains Bible commentary to help women understand the Bible background, plus the session script for the leader also includes any commentary needed to lead the session.


What do we need to buy for the women coming to our retreat, and what's the cost?

Once you know how many women will be attending your retreat, it’s time to order participant resources.

There are always three required items that are used during the retreat. One is always the participant guide. Please check your director guide or the catalog found in your kit to find out more.

The participant guide is used throughout the retreat during every session. It contains instructions, small group questions, Bible commentary, song lyrics, and more.

Plus, if you really want to treat and pamper your guests, we have added items such as music CDs, tote bags, and more to really make a wow!

Are the retreats appropriate for teens and younger women?

Yes, you can easily use any of Group’s women’s retreats with teens and younger women. In fact, Group women’s retreats are very intentionally designed to work with all generations! Whether you’re hosting a youth retreat or planning to bridge generational gaps with a church or community event, these retreats fit everyone.

How flexible is the retreat program? Can I customize the schedule to my ministry’s needs?

Yes, Group retreat kits are flexible, giving you a variety of options for your retreat. Use the kit for:

  • One-day , overnight, or weekend retreats
  • Leadership team-building,
  • Outreach events for women in your community
  • Girls-only youth events
  • Bible study/small group
  • Mother/daughter retreat

We usually do a speaker-based retreat. What’s the difference between your retreat kit and a speaker-based retreat?

While speaker-based retreats continue to be a popular model, Group retreat kits offer additional benefits to consider, including:

--Difference in Cost--

An average speaker costs $500-$2,000, and some speaker rates go as high as $10,000. The cost of an all-inclusive retreat kit is just $79.99, which is a significant cost savings for your women’s ministry budget. And the required per-person item costs are less than $15 per woman.

--Difference in Convenience--

Group retreat kits also make retreat planning easy. With speaker-based retreats, directors often have to plan every detail from scratch and provide the worship program. But with a retreat kit, the worship program is included, plus step-by-step guides for every detail and every session.

Also, since participant materials (plus fun bonus items!) are available and designed specifically for the retreat theme, directors can purchase everything they need in one spot, saving time in errands and cost.

--Difference in Relational Value--

The lecture-based style is most popular with speaker-based retreats and only covers one aspect of a quality retreat: learning. Plus this style doesn't naturally allow for relationship building which women are desperate for, and it only focuses on one woman's story. Every Group retreat incorporates learning plus other valuable spiritual experiences including individual and group prayer, sharing stories, worship, reflection stations, service, affirmation, small group discussion, and more. Every aspect of a Group retreat kit is designed to get women talking to each other and growing in their relationships with each other and in their walk with God.  

Where are your retreats held?

Group retreat kits are a resource (some may call it a curriculum) to plan and host your own women’s retreat. You simply buy the kit them you like and then choose your own location and schedule and enjoy!

What denomination produces the retreat kits?

Group retreat kits are created by Group Publishing which is an inter-denominational publisher. You can read our Statement of Faith by clicking here.


How many women do I need to attend in order to use your retreat kit?

As many or few as you want! Group retreat kits are flexible; invite a small group of women to meet in someone’s home or have hundreds and choose a larger venue. The retreat kits include tips for different retreat schedules (ex. one-day, weekend, etc.), and the low-cost participant materials make even large groups affordable.


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