VBS Bible Buddies app

What do I need to use the Bible Buddies app?
All you need is a newer generation Apple or Android smartphone or tablet that is equipped with a camera. You’ll also need to have the app downloaded and installed on your device (available from the Apple App store or Google Play store). Finally, you’ll need the Bible Memory Buddy play piece to trigger the app.

Is there a cost for the app?
The app is a free download. The Bible Memory Buddy play pieces are available for sale through Group and also at many Christian retail stores and online Christian retailers.

How do I know if the app is compatible with my device?
The app works on most newer generation Apple and Android smart phones and tablets that are equipped with a camera. You can download the app and try it free of charge. There is also a list of devices at the bottom of this document that are known not to be compatible with the app.

Does the app work without the Bible Memory Buddy tags?
The play pieces are required to trigger the app. Play pieces are available during the VBS season from your favorite Christian retailer, or online at group.com/vbsbuddies.

Why isn't the sound playing?
Make sure you don't have your device in silent mode. Check the silent mode switch on the side of your phone or tablet.

I’m using the app, but the play piece is not triggering the game.
There are different factors that can cause this condition:

  • Lighting: Try to make sure the Buddy tag is in a place with soft, even lighting. Glare from harsh lights will affect the app. Also, for best results, place the tag on a dark, non-reflective surface.

  • Motion: Try to keep both the device and the Buddy tag as steady as possible.

  • Focus: The focusing ability of your device’s camera can affect performance. Many devices cannot focus well in low light or at close range. Experiment with the distance of the device to the tag to determine the optimal performance for your device. If your device is having difficulty focusing on the tag, place the tag on a large surface like a table or floor then restart the app and try again. This will reduce the chance that your device is focusing on background objects.

I can’t get the app to work on my device. What should I do?
If you’ve read through the suggestions above and the app still won’t work properly, chances are it’s not compatible with your particular device or your device may be malfunctioning. If you think this is the case, you should remove the app from your device and try again if you upgrade to a new device or try a different device. You can also contact our product support team if you have questions. The product support contact information is at the bottom of this document.

What versions of the Android and Apple Operating System are not supported?
Versions of the Android operating system below 4.3 and Apple IOS operating system below 11 are not recommended for use with the Bible Memory Buddies app.

Our customer care team is here to assist you with any issues you may have.
Please provide us your name, contact information, device used, and details of the issue.


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