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Feedback for Maker Fun Factory

I absolutely loved this VBS curriculum. We have a large church and edit things just a bit to fit our format and kids, but there was SO little editing we had to do this year for the elementary side of things. I loved the theme for this VBS and that the lessons taught the kids how loved they are by God that they were purposefully made and created by Him (which I feel is a very valuable lesson in this day and age where young kids struggle with depression). The kids enjoyed the gizmos and it was a GREAT way to send home information about what the kids were taught that night.I also loved the theme. Though it was hard at first, it was great. We involved families in helping us decorate by challenging them to build large robots that could stand on their own out of recycled materials. It was a great way for families to build excitement for VBS and for families to connect and spend time together.

One of the reasons I chose this curriculum was because of the Bible points each night and the Maker Fest follow up (which we did for our first time).

Thank you for all your hard work and for making a VBS with Bible points that let kids know they are valued.

Michaela Clapper

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Not sure if you'd read this, but would love to hear about the changes you made to make this work for a large church. We are a large Church looking to use a VBS curriculum for our church conference this year, and when all our campuses come together we're expecting to have 500 - 600 kids.....eeeeek!

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