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Feedback from 2017

Group -

We love you!!!  Here are just a few things we want to say:

- Please, please, please make separate videos for the preschoolers.  We've tried these last few years, but it just goes over their head.  They need an interactive video that will capture their attention and break it down to their level.

- Dear God, please help Group invent a different way to package the buddies.  A lot of the products are over packaged, but the buddies is the ultimate!  It takes forever to undo them!

- Maybe it was just because of the theme, but doing inventions/interactives for both opening AND closing was too much.  (Although we thank you so much for bring back the leaf blower launcher!!) I You guys know that a lot of times the same person does opening and closing and it was a lot to prep this year! 

That's it - can't wait for Shipwrecked!!  So happy to have an ocean theme again - it's been so long!!

Have a great rest of summer, Karyn @ VUMC



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I would like you to bring back the Bible Buddies app
Our kids liked the interaction with the buddies and app

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