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Smaller group size

Hello!  We are hosting VBS for the first time in years at our church.  I am not expecting a super large number of kids.  I was wondering how small some of your groups were and what you did to accommodate the size.  Thanks.

Kristine Kistka

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1.  We begin advertising 1st Sunday in April because the county in our area has summer programs that people sign up for.  If we don't get in early, we don't get the kids.  

2.  We provide AfterCare (for a fee)from 12noon to 5:30pm allowing parents who work outside the home to have a place for their child for the day.  We have directed activities for the kids and they bring their own lunch.  The fee for one ($50) two ($60) three or more ($75).  This covers our staff expense, snacks, and we use teen volunteers to assist.

3.  Use the VBS Pro program to have people register online.  Put a link from your website to the VBS program and it works great.

4.  We train our teens the week before VBS from Tuesday-Friday, 9am-12noon to learn the motions to the songs, decorate, assist the station leaders, be crew leaders.  If we don't do this we will surely fall on our nose.  With the little ones looking up to the teens, they will participate more.  The young ones cannot wait for the day that they can volunteer.

5.  We do a Pick-a-Post-It and people buy the items we need to run the VBS.  

Hope some of this helps.

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Hi Kristine!

My church is relatively small, and we usually run about 25-35 kids total. We have groups anywhere from 5 kids to 12 kids, and we usually separate them by age groups - preschool, k-2nd grade, and 3rd-6th grade. Usually we have 2 or 3 group leaders with each group. 

There are a lot of benefits to having smaller groups - one of them being more one-on-one interaction between kids and group leaders.

Charlene, First Baptist in Cedar Springs MI

Charlene Sommer 0 votes

Thank you so much to each of your for your input.  I hope you have a wonderful week of VBS.

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