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Forum Guidelines

VBS Forums

All VBS related forums are not pre-moderated and posts will show instantly after posting. If Group VBS deems a post unsuitable, it will be removed.

If you come across an offensive or unsuitable post on the Group VBS forums, please contact our product support team via email to remove the post at productsupport@group.com.

By posting on the Group VBS forums, you are agreeing to these guidelines.

Forum/Message Board Purpose

The purpose of Group's forums is to provide an online community where Directors and volunteers can share ideas, ask (and answer) questions, and encourage each other as they plan and prepare for Group's programs.

By posting on this forum, you are agreeing to these guidelines.

General Conduct

Since our forum(s) is a community of friends, please communicate in a friendly, caring fashion. Remember you're networking with people from a variety of church denominations, people whose opinions might differ from your own. But in common we share a love of God and a desire for children to know Jesus.

If you wish to voice a complaint or a concern, please live out the spirit of Jesus’ words in Matthew 18 when he encouraged direct, person-to-person interaction. Contact the people who can do something about your concern directly, treating them the way you want to be treated.

Privacy Statement

Your privacy is very important to us. Please keep in mind that whenever you disclose personal information online, for example on forums, through email, or in chat areas, the information can be seen by others. Be careful what information you disclose.

Sharing of Copyrighted Material

Using Group’s clip art and logos (whether purchased or downloaded at no cost) to create items for your own church use is permitted…and highly encouraged. However, the sharing of such creations with other churches is a violation of copyright law.

Feel free to share ideas, instructions, and even templates for creating items on this board, but to remain legal, don’t distribute anything containing copyrighted logos, images, or ideas.

Promotion of Retailers

Group has made a commitment to support each of its retail and wholesale accounts by not favoring any specific accounts over others through advertising or promotional activity originating from this message board. Please refrain from referencing any supplier by web address in your posts. Our intent is to maintain a non-commercial environment.

Competing Product

We’re delighted that you’ve become part of Group’s online “family.” Group provides content and forums as a way to create a dynamic network of creative people (like you!) who love sharing ideas.

Group’s website is just one way we support and encourage your ministry. We rely on you to support us through the use of Group resources. By posting links on our forums to other products that are similar to those Group offers, it becomes difficult for us to support and serve you. Please be aware that links or references to products that compete directly with Group products may be deleted.

Posting of Links and Content

At Group we provide online communities with many interests and ideas. By posting messages, uploading files, or otherwise providing material for display on our website(s), it is assumed that you own the material, or are making your submission with the express permission of the owner of the material.

When you post a message or upload a file for display on Group’s websites, you are releasing content that will be distributed by Group. That means that you are giving us permission to distribute your message to the “world”.

Ultimately, Group will retain the right to add, edit, or delete at our discretion any content from Group’s websites or forums.


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