Looking for Shipwrecked Sing and Play DVD



  • Laura Torres

    I have a Shipwrecked DVD if you are still interested.  We are in the Chicago suburbs so I can add shipping to it via USPS or UPS. Let me know.  

    Thank you!


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  • Richard Duval

    Just realized I never wrote you back.  I apologize.  A local Christian bookstore had a sweet deal on the whole 'starter kit', so I decided to go that route.  (They were cleaning out their back room and marked it something like 75% off.)  I didn't need all of that, but I got it anyway.  Helped them out a little, and got all sorts of stuff in return.

    Funny thing is -- if I find a church to donate the kit to, I'll be back in the same boat, unless I give them the kit without the DVD ...

    Thank you for your offer!

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